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Why invest in USA ?


There are very many reasons that people want to buy property in the USA. You may have spent a wonderful holiday there and want to do that more often. You may decide that your money would be better invested in US property. Or you may be making the huge decision to move to the USA permanently, either to be near family or attain a lifestyle that appeals to you more than your present one. USA known as the Land of Opportunity, thousands pour in to pursue the American Dream. The country is huge and varied and there is something for everybody.

On top of all the opportunities U.S.A. offers, “trust” and “secure environment” for an investor these are the most important one’s.


  • Political Stability: Compared to other nations, The United States has a stable democratic political system and a strong legal system.
  • Despite the economic crisis since 2007, U.S.A. has a long history of stable economy. The region grew modestly in 2010 and now recovering in 2013.
    • House prices are rising again.
    • Demand is returning, with home sales increasing.
    • Construction activity is picking up.
    • The delinquency rate is stabilizing.
    • Foreclosures are falling.
    • Rental Yields are promising.
    • Industry is well regulated and very transparent
  • The economy is recovering but you still can buy property 30%-40% below it’s value.
  • After the mortgage crisis, legal adjustments provide a very secure environment to invest in real estate market. Now every step of the buying process is under strict control of the government.
    • It is not possible to buy a property with high price, but low value.
    • The risk of the Developer is covered by the insurence company.
    • The bank covers the risk of the whole procedure if your are buying with mortgage.
    • Title insurence guarantees your title

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