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WHY INVEST IN GREECE | Nova Global Realty
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Greece, the corporate tax rate has been significantly reduced. A comprehensive reform of company taxation, helping to ensure the safety of new jobs and investing in the company. His tax reforms to improve the general framework of the Federal Government and reduce indirect labor costs, opening the door for more investors to opportunities.

Greece residence permit program outlined

  • The minimum investment amount is 250,000 euros per family program is the cheapest in Europe.
  • Investors, both permanent residence (right) and citizenship (after 7 years of residence) is entitled to apply for legally.
  • Residence permit issued to all family members of the investor; spouses, children (up to 21 years old), parents and the parents of the spouses.
  • Investors can set up his own business in Greece.
  • There is no need to remain in Greece in order to protect the rights of investors resident or family member.

The owner of a residence permit can travel freely without visas to all Schengen countries. For this, the desired countries directly, so they can travel in their own country.


5 Reasons To Invest In Greece

1. Improved Economic Outlook

According to Greek experts at the IMF, investment activity in Greece is expected to accelerate in 2019. They project a rate of 2.4 percent from an estimated 2.0 percent this year. Next year will see “investments of fixed capital in Greece grow by 12 to 14 percent on a yearly basis.” The driver will be mainly exports and tourism, that by year-end are predicted to rise 7.0 percent from 2018, and the slight increase in household consumption in the second half of the year by 0.6 percent on an annual basis, that will keep the growth rate in line with the estimates of the country’s creditors, the report noted. The Athens-based think tank maintained its economic growth forecast for 2019 despite concerns for the global economy. This is due to the fact that Greece is already coming from a very low base.

2.Top Travel Destination

No one can take this away from Greece! Greece is and will always remain one of the top travel destinations in the world. Whether Athens, the capital, with its amazing cultural and historical heritage or its numerous breath-taking islands – Greece has it all! Tourism has always been Greek’s main economic driver. During the financial crises, it was one of the few industries that made a positive impact even though numbers were temporarily in decline. As of 2018, Greece is back at the top of its game – at least in tourism. It is estimated it will account for 22.7% or almost one-fourth of the country’s GDP by 2028, with investments in the sector set to rise by 5.5 percent to 5.5 billion euros over the next decade according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Furthermore, they confirm that out of 185 countries, in 2017 Greece ranked 25th in terms of direct contribution to GDP, 29th on the basis of total contribution, 36th for its direct and 40th for total contribution to employment, 40th with regard to investment, and 21st in terms of foreign visitors. Greece exceeded the EU average in most indicators. More specifically, the sector’s direct contribution to GDP is estimated to rise by 5.6 percent in 2018, compared to 14.3 billion euros or 8.0 percent of the total in 2017. Further forecasts see it accounting for 9.1 percent of the total at 21.3 billion euros by 2028. Here is some more stats: “The total contribution of travel and tourism to Greece’s GDP amounted to 35 billion euros in 2017 (19.7 percent of GDP) and is forecast to rise by 5.3 percent in 2018 and increase by 3.7 percent per annum to 52.8 billion euros (22.7 percent of GDP) in 2028.” No doubt, tourism will continue to play a key driver to power economic recovery and investment opportunities in Greece.

3. Low-Risk Country

Since the economic hurricane, the political risk has decreased substantially. Compared to many other countries in the emerging markets world, especially in Latin America, Africa or even Eastern Europe, Greece enjoys a stable democratic system and strong ties to key economies in Europe. It’s free of religious or regional political or economic risks related to Turkey or any other Middle Eastern country. On top of that, it is fairly easy to invest in Greece with the Euro still being their currency. Just buy Greek companies listed in the UK or through your internationally active brokers such as Interactive Broker. Country ETFs are also a great choice to get exposure to Greece. Just choose one from the leading firms such as BlackRock or Vanguard.

4. Skilled and Motivated Workforce.

Say what you will, most Greeks especially the younger generations can compete with any nation when it comes to math, technology and internet savvy. Just visit Athens and join any of the masterminds or societies and you will understand what I am talking about. Their highly educated and trained workforce now shows a motivation that rivals countries such as Vietnam or China. This might be out of necessity but its no reason to be ashamed of or to get scoffed at. Talk to any modern Greek, you will be impressed by their energy, their drive, and level of understanding of a topic they represent. Visit the Cube in Athens for a taste of modern and entrepreneurial Greece!

5. It’s underappreciated and undervalued

80/20 investing is many times contrarian investing. There are only a few countries for investing as unpopular as Greece. Even Turkey enjoys more attention from investors since the failed military coup and the horrific currency devaluation earlier this year. Greece is not on the map of many global and institutional investors causing undervaluation in a broad area of Greek stocks. This gives 80/20 Investors a decisive edge to bargain hunt or at least to be the first in the line for the next upswing. Micro and small caps are particularly undervalued. Those listed companies doing business in Greece and listed in London or Frankfurt are prime candidates to profit from increased attention Greek stocks and securities might be receiving in 2019!


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