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7 Reasons to Buy Home in Cyprus | Nova Global Realty
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7 Reasons to Buy Home in Cyprus

North Cyprus is the new Mediterranean property hotspot! With buyers from the UK, East and West Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East increasingly lining up to buy  a North Cyprus villa or apartment, the North Cyprus property market in in 2015 looks set for a repeat of the previous 2005-6 pre-recession boom.

  1. The non Euro-zone status of Northern Cyprus, previously seen as a DIS-incentive to many, has recently become a huge bonus and sales point for overseas pound sterling money coins notesproperty buyer.
  2. The North Cyprus climate is a huge incentive to those wishing to Aphrodite Hammock – North Cyprusbuy property overseas. North Cyprus offers on average 340 days of sun per year and the warmest winter temperatures of anywhere in the general European area, being also warmer than Turkey.
  3. Almost every passport holder in the world can enter or live in North Cyprus with no advance visa required. Not only that, but almost every Korenium Party – North Cyprusnational can also buy property in the TRNC! Once you have an address, you can easily apply for North Cyprus Residency, which is renewable annually as long as you can prove your ability to support yourself financially and that you have no communicable or serious diseases.
  4. North Cyprus property is far more affordable than Turkey and many other Mediterranean locations for the same standard of property. It is also more exclusive, offering a unique island atmosphere.
  5. North Cyprus property prices are rising by up to 10%p.a. in key investment zones. In other areas, prices have been extremely stable
  6. North Cyprus offers all of the brand new facilities which property owners and holidaymakers require, but is at the same time retains a lovely, unspoilt environment Karpaz Peninsulain which to enjoy your holiday or retirement in the TRNC.
  7. If you are seeking a North Cyprus property as a base for your own lifestyle or retirement, you will no doubt wantto know what activities you can enjoy.
  • Total Area: 3,355 km²
  • Population: 313,626
  • Ethnic Groups: Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians, and Latins.
  • Languages: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Liras
  • Exchange Rate: GDP per capita of Northern Cyprus was $15,109, and the GDP was $4.039 billion.

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